Getting Started / What is Offerbox?

What is Offerbox?

Offerbox is a platform that assists businesses in quickly selling products and convincing customers to purchase from their online store.

Based on eCommerce company trends, we developed a streamlined method for you to promote your discounts.

Offerbox can be installed on any website. It works by revealing your discounts and promotions, which are hidden behind a small floating button on each page. This makes them visible to your visitors at all times. Customers will not miss out on discount coupons because they can simply browse through the best deals on your website and apply to the cart at any point.

Customers can be asked to click on buttons that automatically apply the discount to their carts, or they can be given a coupon code. The opportunities are endless.

Moreover the Offerbox can be customized. You can change the display position and customize the look and feel. You can even hide the floating button and replace it with a custom button for users to view your offers. For more information, see our tips and tutorials in this documentation.

With Offerbox, you can increase your conversation rate and grow your business.