Managing Offers / Create an Offer

Create an Offer

Adding an offer to Offerbox is simple. We created a streamlined way for you to promote your discounts based on eCommerce company trends.

To add an offer, go to the "Offers" tab and click "Add Offer."

Add Offer

To begin, upload or choose a promotional image for your offer. Customers are more likely to pay attention to your deals if you use images. You can, however, create and offer without using an image.

Add a "title" and a "description" of your choice for this offer.

You can use the description field to explain how customers can take advantage of the offer or simply to add value to it.

Add title & description

We also recommend using the time notice field to add a sense of urgency, which will increase conversions.

"Expires on Sunday at 11pm EST"

"2 days left"

Finally, tell users how they can claim this offer. The most common way for users to claim offers are using coupon codes, however this is not the only way.

Tell customers how they can take advantage of your offer

You can use links that apply the discount to the cart automatically, or your store may have a way to apply a discount when a certain number of items are added to the cart. Tell users how they can take advantage of this offer.

"Use Code: FREESHIP" 

"Click the button to apply the discount"
Finally, you must include a link that will either apply the discount to the cart or direct visitors to the page where this deal is located.

Add a link to the offer

For more details, see Tips & Tutorials